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Custom Business Coaching and Counseling


Our services are a unique combination of business coaching and family and personal counseling, facilitated in one-on-one sessions and group workshops/meetings.

This isn’t a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. We use proven methodologies and processes to customize a plan that works best for you and your situation.

We only serve people who are in business. We specialize in serving family businesses that count family members—and possibly close family-like friends—as employees in their organization. They normally have complex and highly emotional personal relationship dynamics that are amplified because of the highly charged business situation they find themselves in.

But it’s OK if you’re not a family-owned business. We also serve non-family businesses, including solopreneurs. Whether it’s business coaching, counseling or a combination of both, my team and I can help you and your business too.


“They have a gift to see beyond obstacles that block our path…”

“Such great guidance – helped to crystallize my focus.”

“They seem to be well versed in every sort of trouble we stumble into.”

“They seem to be well versed in every sort of trouble we stumble into.”

 Coaching Fit Session

You need to know if what we do as business coaches and counselors—and how we do it—is the right fit for you. That’s why we have what’s known as a Coaching Fit Session. It is a free, no-obligation 90-minute session where you meet with the counselor and myself, so we can better understand your situation and needs. It’s your time and your agenda, and you’re free to discuss all issues impacting your business and how it’s impacting your family and employees. We have a systematic process to address each issue and identify the most effective coaching and counseling solutions. After this session, you will know whether our team is a good fit for you and your business. If there is a fit, we will schedule a Kick-off Session.  

Kick-off Session

We find it most effective to devote an entire morning or afternoon to the Kick-off Session. You and the key constituents you identify will all attend, so we can map out the coaching and counseling plan we’ve mutually agreed upon. Your key constituents may be co-owners, partners, spouses, children in the business, key non-family employees, or other key influencers outside the business who we need around the table to help formulate this plan. It’s possible this session may be exclusively with you, the business owner, or your ownership team, simply because there may be strained relationships with other key individuals. They may eventually be involved, but it may not be prudent to bring them in at this time. That’s OK. Getting them to the table at some point will be part of the plan. There may need to be some follow-up meetings and assessments to finalize the plan. We will likely require some individual sessions with owners and key employees, followed by a final workshop to build consensus on the plan moving forward.

Business Assessments, Personal Assessments, Family Genogram

We use industry-leading assessment tools to better understand the health of your business, and the health of the relationships that drive your business. We have an extensive portfolio of assessment tools, but I’ve found the following give us the very best look under the hood:

Personal & Group Assessments

Extended DISC is statistically the most accurate behavioral assessment in the world. It predicts how an individual will react to other individual behaviors and situations. We will use these individual profiles and ‘pair’ with others to help two people communicate more effectively and get along. We also will use these individual profiles to create ‘teams’ of individuals who need to work together to better understand their dynamics and help them get along and work more efficiently.
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders we use specifically for the owners and leadership team. Based on best practices, it connects unique leadership styles to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations providing a clear path for action. This methodology approaches leadership as a one-to-many relationship.  Using the framework of Vision, Alignment and Execution, Work of Leaders encourages leaders to understand their own leadership styles and how they impact their effectiveness.

Business Assessment

The Rhapsody Business Assessment (RBA) is the most extensive deep-dive tool in the industry. It evaluates 18 key business and personal effectiveness areas that will immediately spot strengths and weaknesses in any business model. This self-assessment tool will give you the most comprehensive view of the current state of your business. This assessment also asks a series of open-ended questions that will challenge a business owner or leader wherever you are – from start-up to 4th generation.

Family Genogram

We believe the family genogram is a best-in-class methodology to understand family dynamics. All families—even those who aren’t in business—have a degree of dysfunction. As do all businesses. But a family in a business situation, no matter how stable and grounded they appear to be, can severely magnify that dysfunction. This assessment clearly identifies where those levels originate, creating a solid base-line so the counseling plan can find solutions, while having a major positive influence on the business plan.

Final Workshop

During this workshop, we’re finalizing the plan all of us have been working on since the Kick-off Session. We’re going to build consensus—addressing all the issues of the business, individuals, family and team—and assign accountability so we can move forward. Normally this is a larger group than the Kick-off Session. During the Assessment process, your other constituents meet with coaches and counselors to help them understand your desire for inclusiveness and cohesiveness. Now that the plan is in place to stabilize the business, reconcile the relationships, and move the business to the next level, we can start taking some intelligent, meaningful action.



Ongoing Services


Individual Business Coaching Sessions

I find that 90 minute coaching sessions are typically the ideal. As an accredited and experienced business coach, I’ve personally coached hundreds of business clients, in a diverse range of industries over the past decade. Our individual coaching sessions may be a one-on-one session between you and me, or you can bring in others to these sessions as needed. Your coaching plan, including the number and frequency of sessions and who will be involved, will be outlined in the Final Workshop and be modified as we progress.


Individual Counseling Sessions

These sessions are usually 60 minutes and are led by an licensed or experienced counselor. Our counselors are seasoned professionals with well over a thousand clients counseled in their combined experiences. Like the business coaching sessions, they may include only a single individual, or others as outlined in the counseling plan in the Final Workshop. Also, participants may change, and typically do, as your engagement evolves.


Combined Business / Counseling Sessions

One of the things that make us unique is that we have the business coach and counselor working together as a team. This holistic and comprehensive approach helps you move forward in both your business and your relationships. We are able to share non-confidential information between sessions, positively impacting both your business and personal effectiveness. My team will work together in all phases of the process, during the Coaching Fit Session, Kick-off Session, Assessments, Final Workshop and throughout the individual Business Coaching and Counseling Sessions. This allows for thoroughness and transparency as we work together to strengthen your business and your relationships. It accelerates the stabilization period and quickly positions your business for growth.


Regular Follow-up Sessions

After the goals are met, and the business is not only back on its feet but thriving, periodic follow-up sessions are suggested with the Business Coaching and Counseling team. You don’t want to fall back into old ways, and if you’re not deliberate and disciplined, believe me, it can happen. I want to continue to give you the edge for life-long business and personal success. Follow-up sessions keep you on-track and accountable—to yourself, your business, your team and your family.

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