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Your business can be restored.


Father and son business teamYou can get your business back on track. You can spend more time with your family and restore your relationships with the people you love most. Best of all, your family business can once again become what you always dreamed it could be.

Here’s how.


Your situation might be tenuous, so we need to assess where things stand, and we have to be urgent about it. My team uses industry-leading behavioral, relationship and psychological assessment tools so we can quickly and accurately evaluate the state of you, your partners (if applicable) and your team, so we can get to work right away on addressing the most crucial issues.

In any business, but especially a family business, addressing the most pressing relationship issues around the family table is actually more important than assessing the business situation. Assessing the business, and creating a plan to restore it, just will not work if we can’t get everyone around the table.

Ignoring relationship and behavioral issues won’t make them go away. They’ll continue to permeate all aspects of the business. They’re the ‘elephant in the room’ whenever you’re trying to make good business decisions. It could be the biggest setback to any hard-earned progress your business is about to make.

Believe me, I’ve seen it so many times.

But once we have a handle on your family business’ relationship and behavioral dynamics, we can assess the overall health of your business. We take a good look under the hood to determine your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. We know that in many cases your business could be bleeding. Your business could be dying. We’ve seen situations where businesses couldn’t make payroll and were all but finished. If you’re in this kind of situation, know that you’re not the first and not the only one who’s faced it.

Once the bleeding has stopped, and we’ve identified the biggest problems and greatest areas of opportunity, we can move on to the next step.


Once we’ve assessed the situation, we can start putting together a plan to restore your business back to what it should be. Out of desperation, struggling business owners all too often feel compelled to work more and push harder to try to keep things afloat. But so many times they’re working harder on the wrong things, without addressing the root cause of their problems.

Hard work is virtuous, but working hard and working smart are two different things.

That’s why having the right blueprint is so essential. First, we’ll start with a stabilization plan. We’ll identify the key areas where you can quickly make the most significant impact so we can start turning your business around. Once the situation is stabilized and headed in the right direction, we’ll look at longer-range business and strategic plans.

Once plans are in place, we’ll implement them and really get the ball rolling.


Understanding that family members make up your leadership team, we want to position your business for growth. Our approach combines a professionally accredited and experienced business coach with a licensed family counselor to help stabilize and guide your family leadership team. With our comprehensive method you’ll have a solid foundation, ready for sustainable growth.

Once you are free from the stress and distraction of a chaotic business and personal situation, we can really focus on the vision you were created for, and what you want out of your business and out of life.

Need to have an honest and direct conversation about your business? We’ll get back to you in one business day – usually the same day. Let’s talk.

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So what do you want for your family business? What do you want out of life?

Is your current situation working, or are you ready to restore harmony in your business and personal life?


It’s time to put things right and start living your purpose.