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business coaching, business coaching doug christy, small business ownerOne of my firm’s biggest coaching and counseling challenges is helping business owners realize that leading with their beliefs, rather than their service, will build a much deeper relationship with the type of customer they are meant to serve. But it’s harder than we all realize, even with the family business owners that I am led to serve.


If you are a small business, then you are likely a family owned business.

Astoundingly, 80-90% of private businesses in North America are family owned or closely held. (Family Firm Institute). All families have a belief system.  They may not all be conscience and intentional about it, but all you have to do is attend a family reunion and you’ll know which families you’ll want to vacation with and those you want to hide from.  So when these individuals, or multiple family members, start their own business, their belief system follows.

Top 3 Reasons why family businesses don’t disclose beliefs.

With my firm in its 9th year coaching and counseling hundreds of clients, here are our top 3 reasons why these small business owners aren’t always transparent with their beliefs:

Scarcity mindset

If someone out there with money to pay me doesn’t like what I stand for, then someone else will gladly take their money.

Personal vs. Professional

In other words, the compass by which I guide myself and my family is not important to how I run my business.


I’m not really sure what I believe in, so let’s just concentrate on what I do.

Can any of these business achieve success as the market defines it?  The answer (at times) is yes. But the real question is at what cost?  Guilt, fatigue and burnout are just a few high costs business owners face for serving those they are not meant to serve, in a way not consistent with what they believe.

At Pro/Vision Coaching our Beliefs drive Why we exist and Who we serve.

business coaching, business coach doug christy, small business ownerWe serve small business owners with a passion for their family business, by helping them not only restore harmony in their business, but also in their family by:

  • Believing we are all created to serve a higher purpose,
  • Believing that a functional family unit is critical to finding our purpose,
  • Believing that small business is the backbone of this country,
  • Believing the family business brings purpose, harmony and prosperity to many.

When your vocation is also your passion, then chances are you’re in alignment.

Need help aligning your beliefs with whom you serve? Contact us for a free 90 minute coaching fit session by email or by calling 814.979.4725