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‘You either walk inside your story and own it, or stand outside your story and hustle for worthiness.’ – Brene Brown

This is a profound statement by Brene Brown, but it can be difficult for us to heed that advice in our business. Is your life’s story- your purpose- aligned with your business passion? It’s not always necessary for business success, but sure makes for an incredible journey if it is.

What is your WHY – What’s your Purpose?

Business vision, Family business, family business coach, family business counsel, doug christyAs the second most viewed Ted Talk in history, most of us have seen Simon Sinek’s ‘How Great Leaders Inspire’ which excites our curiosity on discovering our WHY.  Our WHY is what makes each of us unique. Uncovering our purpose and living our story is a life journey for most, even if some of us never quite get there.

‘One of the saddest experiences is to awaken at old age and discover one has been using only a small part of self.’ – Gordon McDonald.

Aligning our unique story with our business is what sets us apart.

Have you aligned your Story with your Business?

Helping my clients align their passion with their business sure makes marketing and selling a lot more effective, and fun. Just a few of the hundreds we’ve helped over the past decade read like this:

  • Relationships – A servant mindset and empathetic relationships resulted in ‘Customers for Life’
  • Experience – Fighting through the valley of domestic abuse and rising to the mountain top birthed ‘Helping you to thrive, not just survive’
  • Hobby – A love of photography and having fun became ‘Fun in a Flash’

And personally, my wife and I raising a son with many challenges and hardships, while leading and owning businesses for the past 20 years helped form Pro/Vision Coaching’s true purpose:

To help family businesses restore harmony not only in their business, but in their family, so all can discover and live out their ultimate purpose.’

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Business is tough enough without enjoying what you do, and most important, your true business purpose. If you’re having trouble aligning your purpose with your business, schedule a free coaching fit session to better understand how close, or far away, you are. Call (814) 979-4725 or click here .