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SONY DSCThe coaching profession, especially Life Coaches (which continue to make up the overwhelming majority of coaches), has been based on the assumption that their clients are fully knowledgeable, resourceful and whole.  As a business coaching and counseling firm specializing in helping family-owned businesses experiencing dysfunction, we have to challenge that assumption in two key areas.

First, our business coaches need to supply business knowledge to owners that they may know little or nothing about. And second, families in business may experience significant personal dysfunction where they are no longer “whole”, and need the counseling profession to both diagnose and help them get back to normal. Combining business coaching and personal counseling is Pro/Vision Coaching’s uniqueness.

Business Coaching to Supply Knowledge and Drive Action

Business Coaches, Advisors and Consultants understand that sometimes our clients simply “don’t know what they don’t know”. I like to use the example that a Business Coach needs to be like a Master Mechanic, teaching other mechanics how to build and repair cars. That Master Mechanic needs to understand how to build a transmission before they train a mechanic on how to build their own.

Business Coaches need to genuinely understand every single business process (10 primary processes in any business) so they can help clients create their own processes. When a client creates it, they own it, and will have a high likelihood of implementing it. We can’t assume our clients are fully knowledgeable. A competent Business Coach needs to be skilled in every area to help that “mechanic” build and maintain their perfect car.

Counseling to Diagnose and Restore Normalcy

Life Coaches and Business Coaches (including Advisors and Consultants) are not licensed or educated to diagnose and treat the approximately 350 mental illnesses contained in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses (DSM-5).

We may have a ‘feeling’ that something just isn’t right with our client, but trying to diagnose is not only unethical, but could be dangerous. That is exactly why Pro/Vision Coaching has both licensed mental health professionals and highly educated PhD’s on our team.

Sherry Cain, PhD

Jennifer Kennett, MA, MBA

Victor Harms, PhD, L.I.M.H.P., B.C.C.

Coaching and Counseling is our Uniqueness

Not all coaching clients need the assistance of our counselors. But those that do can count on their coach and counselor working together as a team, on their behalf. We call this a “therapeutic alliance”, and it rapidly accelerates both the personal and business effectiveness required to heal, restore and grow your business.

Simply fixing the business will not heal brokenness. In some instances, it actually can exasperate the personal issues.

If you’d like to sit down and discuss your personal and business issues with us, let’s schedule a coaching fit session, which we do free of charge. Before we begin working together, it’s important that we understand your issues, and that we are the right “fit” for each other.

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