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We Believe

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We feel strongly that knowing and understanding our firm requires knowing and understanding what we believe. Our beliefs define who we are as individuals, our relationship, our firm and ultimately, our true purpose.

We strongly believe that people enter relationships not because of what we do, but more so why we do it.

First, a little about us…

Aliceann and I met in middle school in western Pennsylvania, became best friends and were married during the bicentennial year of our nation while I was completing my civil engineering degree at Penn State. Aliceann was already a registered nurse and supported us during our initial year of marriage. I took a job with what is now CSX, a large railroad company, and shortly thereafter we had our only child, Doug Jr.

My railroad career lasted 25 years, taking our family to Roanoke, Akron, Chicago, Baltimore, Iowa City, Northern California and Green Bay. During that time I was privileged to be appointed President & CEO of two regional railroads. Aliceann’s nursing passion throughout this journey turned to mother-baby care and she became a lactation consultant. Two successful careers, both independent of one another, while raising a son.

And then came the entrepreneurial journey. We bought into a railroad contracting business with three other owners and I became the President. Within 13 months I, and the rest of the ownership team, sold the business to a competitor.

But Aliceann and I discovered two truths during that time. First, I really could have used a business coach but didn’t even know the profession existed. Second, if I were to start another business, it would be with Aliceann as my partner.

We did just that when we started Pro/Vision Coaching, Inc. in 2007. As a certified business coach, I realized that separating one’s personal life from their business life is not only naïve but can be quite painful. Aliceann and I certainly understand personal pain, as we lost our only child this past year as we were transitioning our business from Seattle to Pennsylvania.

So over the past decade while coaching hundreds of clients, we’ve built a coaching firm with a purpose that is fully aligned with our beliefs:

We believe God created us to serve a higher purpose.

Like us, many of our clients feel they are meant to serve a higher purpose and that there is meaning to their lives beyond their business. Our mission is to free them from the 24/7 burden of their business, achieve that much needed balance in their lives, and help them discover and live their ultimate purpose.

We believe that a functional family unit is critical to finding our purpose.

How wonderful everything can be when our families are filled with love and respect. But how unsettling it can be when dysfunction enters the equation and our world is turned upside down. Identifying and stabilizing dysfunction is our top priority before anyone can have a serious business conversation.

We believe that small business is the backbone of this country.

We admire those who took the leap of faith and started a small business. Because of these entrepreneurial spirited pioneers, small businesses account for over 60% of employment within our country. Helping those entrepreneurs understand all the business processes required to lead a successful and resilient business is our foundational service.

We believe the family business brings purpose, harmony and prosperity to many.

Raising a functional family is difficult. Operating a functional small business is difficult. Combining a family and a business can quickly turn function into dysfunction. That’s why we are staffed with both business coaches and family counselors working together to restore the harmony that was somehow lost along the way.


 Pro/Vision Coaching’s Purpose:


To help family businesses restore harmony not only in their business, but in their family, so all can discover and live out their ultimate purpose.